In This new world Only The Vigilant Survive.

     In the future the world as we know it has drastically changed. A sudden plague has wiped out most of the population. The immune survivors were left in the wake of an ocean of Undead. The effect of the outbreak has littered the landscape with ghost towns and vacant cities. The living scattered and rebuilt self governing settlements. Some of these settlements became territorial warring tribes. Settlers that desired a peaceful self sustaining lifestyle moved far away from these violent tribes.


Rumors of a new life

     While the isolation allowed those people to live in peace the world was still changing. After years passed these settlers would learn that what they didn't know can definitely hurt them. Busy defending themselves from the immortal undead and farming the land people started hearing rumors from travelers. Stories of a utopian city of free humans with advanced tech using robots to protect its inhabitants. Many settlers left their small isolated towns to be a part the fabled "Robot City".  After more years passed word spread of a critical failure in the programing of the guardians of Robot City


What The future holds

     It would become known as the "Automation Massacre". All of Robot City's residents where rumored to be slaughtered by the Robots that protected them. Some say it was the birth of A.I., others say it was a glitch. Many people deny the existence of the city entirely. Claiming it was just a trap set by war tribes to lure gullible travelers. It is still said however, that the city is real and is inhabited completely by blood thirsty robots who guard its treasures.

     Now whispers of a new presence has found its way to the eager ears of these distant settlers. A dominate war tribe calling themselves The Imperials has set out on a campaign of destruction. Seizing people and leaving a trail of scorched earth.

    What rumors are real and which ones are just campfire stories....... these settlers will soon find out when the changes of the outside world come knocking at their door.


Be Vigilant! is an independent work in progress. Content and game play subject to change. Some of the artworks represent a concept of the intended final product. The Zero Thorn Studios and BeVigilant! Logo are Trademarks of Zero Thorn Studios, LLC. BeVigilant! (C) 2017 - 2018 Zero Thorn Studios, LLC

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