Method to the madness

Cooperative Post-Apocalyptic Action RPG

     Be Vigilant! uses top down and a situational 3rd person perspective. A majority of the exploration and fighting are done from a top down view. BV! Provides multiple styles of aiming mechanics to assist with taking care of AI or your buddy. While indoors or using the cover system, the game will shift to a third person perspective to help with scouting ahead, fighting, or finding hidden stashes. Using a third person shooter control scheme provides simple movement and aiming while transitioning between the two views.

Dope Rides

      Vehicles are used to travel long distances on certain travel maps or to act as power ups during siege campaigns. While providing a break in normal game play they will also act as crucial assets.

wiser Faster Stronger

    Along the path you take you will be able to select trades and skills to improve your unique style of game play. Including Martial Arts, Melee, Bow, Rifles, Pistols and even ninja stars son! Or you can choose to use your training to improve your Athletics and Medical abilities.

Tools of the trade

     The RNG loot drop system means a game breaking item is always one drop away.  Swords, AKs, and chainsaws, oh my!


Be Vigilant! is an independent work in progress. Content and game play subject to change. Some of the artworks represent a concept of the intended final product. The Zero Thorn Studios and BeVigilant! Logo are Trademarks of Zero Thorn Studios, LLC. BeVigilant! (C) 2017 - 2018 Zero Thorn Studios, LLC

All Rights Reserved.